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Brewing Guides

Brewing the perfect cup of coffee or espresso has never been easier. The days of expensive equipment and hours of practice are over. If you’re serious about your beans, here are a few tools and methods that can help you achieve the perfect cup.

Brewing with the following methods will offer a pronounced taste profile, and really bring out the flavour of the roast. We’ve included guides that feature traditional methods like Chemex and french press, and more modern techniques like using the Aeropress.

The Basics of Better Coffee

Use freshly roasted and
 just-ground coffee.

Brew with water heated to between 195° and 205°F.

Use 2 g coffee per 1 oz water, adjusting to taste.

Store in an airtight container. Avoid heat, cold, & moisture.

Organic From Seed to Cup

By choosing Cherry Hill certified organic coffee, you are supporting socially and environmentally responsible coffee. Organic coffee is better for you, better for the environment and better for the workers who pick the beans

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