Quick + Easy Chemex

If you’re looking to up your coffee game and get serious about pour-over brewing we’d like to introduce you to the Chemex. Equal parts brilliance and common sense, the Chemex remains a staple in every coffee enthusiast’s arsenal. Its design has endured, unchanged since its invention in 1941.

Let's Brew This

  • Weigh and Grind Coffee (Drip Grind)
  • Rinse Paper filter and place the filter in the top of Chemex brewer with thick portion toward the pouring spout.
  • Place coffee grounds in filter.
  • Begin pre infusion of coffee by pouring 175 ml (6 oz) evenly over grounds (Start timer)
  • Allow coffee to ‘bloom’. Wait 30–45 seconds. Add remaining water by slowly pouring in small concentric circles starting in centre and working your way to the outside.
  • As the water continues to empty from the top filter into the Chemex, maintain a consistent water level. This will require multiple pours. Total brew time should be 4 minutes.
  • Remove filter and serve.

You'll Need

  • 55 grams coffee (Ground for #8 Drip)*
  • 650 ml / 20 oz water (200˚F /93˚)
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Burr Grinder
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • Chemex
  • Filter
*Feel free to adjust stronger or weaker to your taste.

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