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We’re obsessed with making exceptional coffee.

Since 1986, Cherry Hill Coffee has been hand-roasting coffee almost every single day. Any great art is born out of passion; Cherry Hill’s is coffee. We like to think that every day for the last three decades, our roast gets just a little bit better. We pay a fair price for premium Arabica green coffee beans from around the world and hand roast in small batches in the crisp, clean air of the Okanagan Valley. Every roast is infused with a sense of the west coast; laid back, but not lazy; crisp as the mountain air - yet as smooth as fresh powder.

Our commitment to the environment means we work hard at sustainability. It’s also why our coffee begins with offering certified organic coffee. It’s better for you, better for the environment and better for the farmers who work the fields.

To this day, we exclusively buy certified organic, green coffee at a fair price. Our experienced roast master roasts it fresh in small batches, air cooling and blending after roast. Come into our shop, get a coffee, and say hi. Or order it online and know that you’re getting artisan, fresh-roasted coffee every time.

Simply put, we think it’s the best coffee you will ever taste. We take it one step further by composting our roasting by-products including chaffe and grounds. We roast coffee with a conscience. By supporting Cherry Hill Coffee, you’re making 
a difference, one cup at a time.

From Seed to Cup

Every bean we buy is organic certified. A great tasting cup of coffee starts with the best ingredients, and that means making sure the beans we roast are of the highest quality possible. That means skipping out on chemicals, and GMO products.

By being organic, we’re not only providing a chemical-free product for your health, we’re doing it for the taste. Certain fertilizers and pest control additives can alter the flavour of the bean. We’re not having any of that.

We aim for sustainability in everything we do.

Cherry Hill Coffee strives to achieve sustainability in everything we do. From working with fair trade organic farmers, we know that when our industry is sustainable, the coffee tastes even better.

Being sustainable is more than just a buzzword. It’s actions we take everyday to ensure that everything we do isn’t adding to the problems on our planet. From the farmers to the roasters, we do our best to minimize any negative effects on the people and planet we touch everyday.It just makes the coffee taste a little bit better.

Our passion for coffee means we really care about the individuals involved - from farmers planting a seed to the busy professional grabbing a cup to go. When you work towards a sustainable, fair business for everyone, great coffee, and everyone involved, will be around for a long time.

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We invite you to visit our espresso bar and retail store in Kelowna, British Columbia for a complete coffee experience.

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