Cherry Hill Coffee Espresso Sicilia

Espresso Sicilia

dark ROAST

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Inspired by the espresso bars of Palermo, our classic Espresso Sicilia is an italian inspired dark roast espresso blend with a chocolate fudge aroma, creamy toffee in the cup and a thick molasses finish. 

Certified Organic 
Net Weight 12 oz (340g) / 2 lb (908g) / 2 kg (2000g) 

Powered By Espresso 
Cherry Hill Coffee runs on espresso. It’s the passion that keeps us going. As one travels from Southern Italy to the North the roasts progressively lighten up. Modeled on traditional Italian espressos we offer a selection of hand-crafted blends beginning with a light roasted “northern” style espresso through to a “southern” style darker roast espresso.