Flair Neo Manual Espresso Maker (Gray)

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Designed to provide a simplified brewing process by way of its pressurised portafilter basket, the NEO enables you to handcraft delicious espresso with even greater ease and at Flair's most accessible price point.

A great option for beginners in particular, NEO's Flow-Control Portafilter helps to regulate proper pressure and extraction time, and empowers you to produce consistently good results with any grinder (or even pre-ground coffee).

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Includes everything you need to brew a variety of espresso-based beverages anywhere you can boil water: no need for electricity; not locked in to pods or capsules.

  • Lever press produces 6-10 bars of pressure for true espresso extraction.
  • Flow-Control Portafilter restricts the flow of water through your coffee grounds to ensure proper pressure and extraction time.
  • Easy to clean: features the market's only fully detachable brewing head.
  • Completely portable: breaks down into four major parts; carrying case sold separately.
  • 17g capacity portafilter basket; 60ml water capacity brew cylinder.
  • Built to last with high strength aluminum and stainless steel components.


  • Gray or White Post, Base & Lever
  • Flow-Control Portafilter
  • Stainless Steel Dispersion Screen
  • Brewing Cylinder
  • Polyacetal Piston
  • Dosing Cup
  • Funnel
  • Drip Tray
  • Screw for Affixing Post to Base Permanently