The coffee siphon is one of the newest old-school-coffee trends. Of all the coffee brewing methods to be popularized recently, the most unusual and the most special to look at, is the siphon. Made famous in Japan, it adds an element of magic to a coffee shop experience. Seated at a bar while your wait for your coffee, you watch in amazement as the water quickly heats up and bubbles up from the lower glass chamber to the upper chamber and then down again with coffee in tow. Because of the filter system it employs, the coffee is light and smooth but fully extracted in what they call “full immersion”. And because the extraction and filter is significantly different to other manual brew methods, it has less body and seems very clean compared to a French press. So if you’re entertaining and want a party trick after dinner and at the same time an awesome tasting coffee, there is nothing like the siphon.

Let's Brew This

  • Weigh and grind 40 grams coffee
  • Drop the washable, reuseable cloth covered filter into the infusion chamber with the chain hanging down into the glass siphon tube. Pull the chain down until you can hook it to the bottom of the siphon tube.
  • Fill the bottom carafe with 600 grams of hot water and place 40 grams of coffee in the top chamber
  • Light burner and place under bottom of carafe.
  • Turn the burner down once the water reaches boiling temperature. (The majority of the water should be siphoned through the glass tube, past the filter and into the top chamber holding the ground coffee. Allow 2 minutes to brew.
  • After your two minutes is up, remove burner completely.
  • Once the coffee starts to cool, the liquid is siphoned back down into the bottom carafe. Remove the top, and serve.

You'll Need

  • 40 g coffee fresh roasted whole bean coffee*
  • 600 ml / 20 oz hot water (203˚F /95˚)
  • Siphon
  • Timer
  • Burr Grinder
  • Scale
*Feel free to adjust stronger or weaker to your taste.

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