BOD™ Cold Brew Guide

One of the best ways to cool off is with cold brew coffee. Lucky for you, it’s really easy to make. In our opinion, one of the best inventions of this decade is the BodyBrew BOD cold coffee system. It allows you to make a cold coffee concentrate that’s quick and easy. Once you’ve made your coffee concentrate, you can easily add it to cold water, blended drinks or even heat it up to a quick cup of joe.

Let's Brew This

  • Weigh and Grind Coffee (Drip Grind)
  • Add coffee into the supplied BOD filter and screw the filter on tight to the BOD.
  • Add cold water up to the line indicated.
  • Place it in the fridge or on the counter and let it sit for 16 to 36 hours. We find 24 hours ideal, but feel free to adjust based on strength or boldness.
  • Flip the BOD over and allow the coffee concentrate to transfer to the non-filter side.
  • Enjoy it - or Store it for up to two weeks.

You'll Need

  • 227 grams of coarse ground coffee*
  • BOD Cold Brew System
  • Burr Grinder
  • Timer
  • Scale
*Feel free to adjust stronger or weaker to your taste.

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