You'll Need

Aeropress is a manual, pressure-brewed coffee technique that uses a paper filter to allow natural oils but prevents sediment in your coffee. It’s a lot like a syringe, where you place coffee grinds in the main vessel, add water, then plunge the coffee into your cup. It’s a wonderfully simple and effective way to make quick, hand-powered espresso-ish coffee. There are many “green” advantages to the Aeropress – it uses no power, it’s single serve so there’s no wastage. There are multiple ways to use the Aeropress and achieve different extraction techniques. Depending on your grind, dosage and amount of water you are able to acquire everything from a rich, ristretto style shot to a bright, clean americano.

We use 3 2/3 grams of coffee per fluid ounce of water when brewing AeroPress, which produces a more concentrated brew than most brewing methods. Our recipe makes about 5 ounces (150 grams) brewed coffee.

  • 16g of fresh roasted whole bean coffee*
  • 150 ml / 5 oz hot water (203˚F /95˚)
  • AeroPress
  • Stirring utensil
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Timer
  • Burr Grinder
  • Scale
*Feel free to adjust stronger or weaker to your taste.

Let's Brew This

  • Weigh and Grind 18 grams of coffee
  • Rinse Paper filter
  • Add grounds to AeroPress (We recommend brewing "inverted" with the plunger on the bottom.)
  • Begin brewing
    Start the timer and add 75 grams of hot water; enough to wet all the grounds and fill AeroPress about halfway. Stir to make sure all grounds are wet. Add the remaining 75 grams water, pouring evenly to the top.
  • Secure the filter and cap to the AeroPress
  • At 2 minutes, flip onto your cup and press down slowly
    Stop pressing when you hear a hissing sound. Total brew time should be around 2:30.
  • Top cup with water if desired
  • Serve and enjoy!